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If you are reading this, thank you for choose WTF Academy! Today we want to talk about our history and how this project begins.

WTF Academy is a web3 open-source university aiming to onboard 10,000 developers to web3 space. After you complete the courses that we offer, you can claim your SBT certificate.

How to use WTF Starknet

To start to work in this platform.

  1. Go to main page, and click in "Starknet tutorials".

  1. You will see a dashboard and your progress

  1. Read chapter 1 about Account Abstraction.

  1. Follow the steps and create your wallet account to work in Starknet network.

For Argent Wallet

For Braavos Wallet

  1. Connect your wallet to the platform.

  1. Answer the quizzes for each chapter.

  1. Once you finish all quizzes, you can claim your certificate!